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Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

“I’m Helmuth Meyer and I am co-owner of a multi-site organization with Maaco. Currently today we have four locations in the DFW area.”

  • Helmuth Mayer locks car
  • Helmuth Meyer opens shop. Maaco door front is displayed
  • Helmuth Meyer writes at desk
  • Hero shot of Helmuth Mayer outside of Maaco
Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

“The Maaco brand means quality, a variety of options and creating value for our customers. What I really love about the industry, is that there are a huge amount of folks that have a passion for cars; whether it’s my team members that are passionate about cars or it’s a customer that walks in.”

  • Helmuth talking on cell phone outside of Maaco
  • Helmuth patting Maaco employee on back
  • Employee working on car
  • Shot of Helmuth Meyer talking to camera
  • Employee’s working on cars
  • Shot of Maaco sign
  • Employee working under hood of car
  • Helmuth talking to employee in body shop
Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

“A potential customer could walk in our doors and have a very warm, inviting environment, come in and get an estimate in fifteen minutes. So, it’s a very fast, efficient high-quality process.”

  • Helmuth talking and walking with employee in body shop
  • Helmuth talking directly to camera
  • Employees using computer at desk. Employee points at computer
  • Helmuth in body shop talking to employee working on car
Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

“Maaco is America’s body shop. I think we have a leverage over a lot of our competition. Our prices are great and I think we have been doing a great job at that.”

  • Employee buffing a car
  • Phillip Munez talking to camera in office
  • Employee buffing car
  • Employee and Helmuth Mayer standing over open hood of car
Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

“This Maaco has been real fast in doing what they needed to do and they’ve done what they said they did. All I can do is say thank you Maaco.”

  • Helmuth Meyer and employee shaking hand of customer (Lawrence Burke)
  • Lawrence Burke standing inside of Maaco shop
  • Lawrence Burke hero shot
Helmuth Meyer

Maaco Franchise Co-Owner

Music playing

  • Helmuth Mayer locking up Maaco shop
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Maaco logo

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